Sand and Dust

Researching at Sandia National Labs for the summer, though my projects have more to do with coding as opposed to novel insight. It’s been a strange summer, but exceedingly fun. I adhered to my non-binding commitment to get as much camping and hiking in as possible while in New Mexico, trips landing me at El Malpais, Bandelier, El Morro, Durango, and, fingers crossed, Carlsbad. New and old friends have kept me entertained during my summer stint away from home, but I’m looking forward to classes back at Champaign-Urbana. With Embedded System Design, Advanced Applied Cryptography, Communication Networks, and Operating Systems, I should find enough work along with research to make the semester worthwhile.

As always, Flickr has photos from recent excursions, and maybe even some pictures of people. I also updated the Library with recent reads, with other updates to follow.