Where In Life Is Life Going?

This semester I was hoping to start some interesting courses, but Cyberspace Law, Communication Networks, and Advanced Applied Cryptography were all canceled. In lue of my schedule being turned on its head I decided to take Random Processes, Fault-Tolerant Hardware Design, and on a whim, Advances in Psychobiology. Despite the course load and research I’ve found myself with a load of free time which is being directed towards new hobbies (and duties):

  • Outdoor Illini: After getting back from snowshoeing the White Mountains, I decided to finally put some effort into starting a backpacking and camping group on campus called the Outdoor Illini. Hopefully the group will gain some traction — the whole point is to find other backpackers interested in leaving UIUC every few weekends and finding a park to explore. Bitter cold, snow, and rain are making the prospect of leaving UIUC this winter unlikely.
  • SORF Board: I decided to fill an open seat on the SORF Board. Every other Thursday I get to spend 5+ hours reading applications at a blurring speed in an attempt to determine which activities the campus should fund. Serving on the board is interesting, running for re-election is not.
  • Home Brewing: Bar hoping on campus is only so entertaining until it becomes customary. To break the monotony, some compatriots and I have taken to home brewing our own beer. It’s interesting to bring up home brewing to other people; inevitably someone in the group chimes in with “oh, I used to do that too.” Why didn’t they share this with me earlier?
  • Photography: In tandem with hiking and camping more often I’ve taken up photography again. I’m trying to motivate myself to buy a new SLR camera, but the price tag and size of the camera is currently a deterrent. Despite those two factors, there’s no doubting the pictures that come out of an SLR camera put my current camera to shame.

As always, Flickr has photos from recent explorations. I believe that’s enough effort in updating this would-be website.